Geflecht & Skulpturen - Klaus Seyfang

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 1958 grown up in Sachsenheim, Germany

high-school graduate, various casual jobs, international travels
and first autodidactual basketry practice


 1980-1981 apprenticeship with a master basketmaker


 since 1982 after breaking off the apprenticeship, autonomy as basketmaker, with workshop and show room in Bietigheim-Bissingen. Still live and works here


  since 1995 shared studio in Ludwigsburg with other artists, more concentration on artistic / sculptural work


  since 2003 membership "Bund der Kunsthandwerker"



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 1999 Munich, Germany: gallery 'Handwerk', Exhibition "die Lust an den Dingen"
 2001 Munich, Germany: Special Exhibition I.H.M. "Meister der Moderne"
 2001 Trondheim, Norway: "Fletverk" exhibition at Kunstindustrimuseum
 2001 Marktbreit Germany: "Artbreit" - streetgallery
 2002 Esslingen, Germany: State Exhibition "Gestaltung-Kunst-Handwerk"
 2004 Freiburg, Germany: State Exhibition "Gestaltung-Kunst-Handwerk", presentation of prizes
   2006 Landesausstellung: "Gestaltung-Kunst-Handwerk"
in Karlsruhe
   2007/08 Brie-Comte-Robert (Frankreich)
   2008 Landesausstellung: "Gestaltung-Kunst-Handwerk"
in Offenburg mit Verleihung des Staatspreises


 single exhibitions
   2003 Salt, Spain: "forms and colours in the work of Klaus Seyfang"
at VI. Fira Del Cistell
 2004 Issigeac, France: on the occasion of the basketry market
 2007 Lunéville im Maison de Marchand (Frankreich)


 other activities



participation at several basketry markets:

- Vallabregues (Southern France)

- Lichtenfels (Germany)

- Vissinggaard (Denmark)

- Salt (Spain)



holding workshops at:

- Vissinggaard (Denmark)

- Trondheim (Norway)

- Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany)

- Johannesburg (South Africa)

- Strassburg tipicamp (France)



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 activities in 2009
  Participation at Fairs and Exhibitions

 30./ 31. May Neudragun
 8./9. August Vallabrègues (France)
 19./20. September Lichtenfels



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